U8 - Wightman Telecom, Tim Hortons - U8, 2014 (Listowel Minor Soccer)

This Team is part of the 2014 season, which is not set as the current season.
Team Record
No upcoming games scheduled.
- As noted, Sean Parsons is helping coach the team.  I really appreciate his support, even if he is a Bruins fan.
- Just a reminder that I can be reached at this email.  My home number is519-418-2601 and my cell is 51-418-9601.

Team Rules
- Just a reminder that I have three main rules for the team:  have fun, play as a team, and listen to the coaches.

- We naturally love your cheering.  I do appreciate a little space when coaching the kids.  I would like the kids who are watching to sit on a blanket at the sidelines with me so we can talk about the game as it happens.  I prefer the kids to stay there and not be always running off to their parents.  

Jewelry/ball caps
- I often forget this one, but players cannot be wearing jewelry or ball caps when playing.

Please bring to practises:
- running shoes/cleats, water, soccer ball

Please bring to games
- jersey, running shoes/cleats, water, soccer ball

- Will be every Thursday (unless otherwise noted) at Listowel Central's soccer field at 6:30pm.

- Games are mostly Tuesdays.  The schedule is online.  Our first game is May 13 at Eastdale.
May 13 20147:00 PMU8 - Immink Finishing[ http://listowelminorsoccer.ca/Teams/1261/Venues/1/ ]Eastdale Public School Field A
May 20 20147:00 PMElma Eagles #3[ http://www.theonedb.com/Venues/FindForGame/1085507 ]Elma PS (E)
May 27 20147:00 PMNewton Tigers[ http://listowelminorsoccer.ca/Teams/1261/Venues/1/ ]Eastdale Public School Field A
Jun 03 20147:00 PMHowick Team #1[ http://www.theonedb.com/Venues/FindForGame/1085515 ]Howick Arena (A)
Jun 10 20147:00 PMU8 - Giant Tiger[ http://listowelminorsoccer.ca/Teams/1261/Venues/1/ ]Eastdale Public School Field A
Jun 17 20147:00 PMDrayton Team #4[ http://www.theonedb.com/Venues/FindForGame/1085492 ]Fairgrounds (A)
Jun 24 20147:00 PMDrayton Team #5[ http://www.theonedb.com/Venues/FindForGame/1085496 ]Fairgrounds (A)
Jul 08 20147:00 PMElma Eagles #1[ http://listowelminorsoccer.ca/Teams/1261/Venues/3/ ]Eastdale Public School Field B
Jul 15 20147:00 PMWallace Team #1[ http://www.theonedb.com/Venues/FindForGame/1085528 ]Optimist (C)

If we need to reschedule due to weather, I will let you know asap.  I will first send out an email and ask you to respond.  Before calling, check your email.  Otherwise, I never mind you calling.  Sometimes, especially with games, I have to be talking to the other team`s coach and we have to be deciding what to do at 5.  It is always tough to predict weather.  If it is light rain, we will practise.  
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